Management Control Systems

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3 Managing change is a core competency necessary for: 1. Successfully transforming organizations over time 2. Enhancing organizational performance Solution Huy Model o Focuses on both rational, systemic practices and the behavioral processes involved in their implementation o Four idealized intervention types: Commanding, Engineering, Teaching, o Understanding the application of the four requires analysis of the way they interact through time. Overview of Huy model Commanding Methodology- Formal Application of analytical frameworks to make changes in tangible organizational attributes Acquisition or divestment of people, assets, and systems Aims to achieve highly visible outcomes in tangible factors Leadership- Top management Uses coercive power Assisted by external consultants Pace - Rapid paced to prevent resistance developing momentum Progress measurement Progress towards outcomes are measured in linear clock-time (same time for individuals in high and low positions) Engineering Methodology Analyzing, understanding, and redesigning work processes to improve quality and speed of work EX: Leadership
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Change leadership managed by skilled work process analysts who guide & develop employees’ technical skills Pace Progress measurement Progress measured in clock-time, but paced to overall logic of work processes Teaching Methodology Formal analytical & guided learning approach in which individuals collaborate with a change agent to change their own personal fundamental beliefs Leadership Uses outside intervention agents to undertake cognitive diagnosis as a prelude to change in behaviors that enable individuals to learn freely and to accept new values and beliefs Pace “Inner time” – individuals will be involved in comparing the changing situation with their past Inner time is subjective – different events seeming to be passing more or less rapidly Accommodation of “inner time” requires change agents to be patient and avoid generating to much personal distress by rushing events
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3 - 3 Managing change is a core competency necessary for 1...

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