Chapter 8

Management Control Systems

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Allied Office Products Business forms and specialty paper products Value-added services 1988- Allied expanded into business forms inventory management services Total Forms Control (TFC) – 1988 o This value-added service would give allied more sales growth and an edge over its competition o Allied successfully enrolled enough of its corporate clients into TFC Provided a comprehensive product line in addition to its specialty- service/product line How TFC worked A “separate company” operated within Allied’s forms division to handle the TFC clients TFC services: warehousing and distribution of forms (inc. inventory and financing Clients’ form usage was monitored via a computer systems network Client form inventory Form usage Ordering activities The client form-usage information was not horded, but provided to the clients In easy-to-read reports “pick pack” – allied warehouse workers could pick smaller quantities from larger cases of forms for clients who wanted a finite quantity of forms
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Chapter 8 - A llied Office Products Business forms and...

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