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Practice Exam I - F09 .doc Practice Exam I - F09 .doc Page 1 Date: Name: Student ID# Discussion Section Chem 1A– Exam I Quarter (Closed Book, 65 minutes maximum) 100 points Fill in the top of this page and put the same information on the Scantron form in the boxes as indicated above. Only pencils or pens, an allowable calculator, your student ID, and this exam may be in your workspace during the exam. The last page of this exam is a periodic table . You may tear it off to use during the exam. Do not use any other paper during the exam. You may do scratch work on the back of the pages but place the setup back on the question on the exam and return the periodic table with the exam. When the exam is over, turn in the Scantron to a TA, being sure to show your ID to the TA to check. You may keep your copy of the Exam. Values you may need: Avogadro’s number 6.022 x 10 23 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part I: Multiple Choice Mark the correct answer on your Scantron. 1) For the illustration given to the right which answer applies? a) B is a physical change b) A is a physical change c) Both A and B are physical changes d) B is both a physical change and a chemical change e) A and B wind up in different physical states after the arrow. 2)
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CHEM PRACTICE EXAM - Practice Exam I - F09 .doc Date: Name:...

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