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Homework Problems #2 These problems are intended to supplement the in-class lectures (as well as give you exposure to the types of problems you will see on the midterms and ±nal exams). They will not be collected or graded. However, it is very di¢ cult to learn game theory without working problems. Therefore, I strongly encour- age you to work through them. These questions are likely more di¢ cult than
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Unformatted text preview: those you will see on the midterms and ±nal, so if you can work through them completely, you should be adaquately prepared to answer the questions on the midterms and ±nal. 1. Gibbons, Question 2.6 (pg. 133). 2. Gibbons, Question 2.11 (pg. 135). 3. Gibbons, Question 2.13 (pg. 135). 4. Gibbons, Question 2.17 (pg. 136). 5. Gibbons, Question 2.21 (pg. 138). 6. Gibbons, Question 3.2 (pg. 169). 1...
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