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Gloria Descoteaux GEOG 130 March 27, 2010 Energy Essay question: What is the current problem with our use of energy and what can be done to fix it? Answer: the current problem with energy is that we are using resources that are not renewable and it is hurting many aspects of the earth we live on. Currently we use oil, fossil fuels, and many other things that omit many toxic chemicals into the air such as carbon dioxide. These chemicals eventually cause the climate to change and affect the living organisms on earth. Today, we are suffering from the effects of decades of using and over using fossil fuels and oil. Global warming is becoming a concern to researchers and humans everywhere are beginning to feel the change. If we continue using
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Unformatted text preview: these non-renewable resources the way we are, there wont be an earth for much longer. The solution to this problem is quite complicated. The US and countries around the world have the renewable resources and advances in technology to fix this problem however it is not being done. Some people just dont see the significance of this problem. Instead the US and many other countries take the quick way out and do more harm than good to the environment. The way to fix this problem is to use renewable resources as our source of energy. Some of these would include solar, wind, hydro, bio-mass, and fuel cells as creating energy....
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