GEO 130 today - is becoming more and more polluted every...

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Gloria Descoteaux GEOG 130 March 21, 2010 Energy Essay question: What has brought our attention to the fact that our country is on the verge of our energy system coming to the end? Answer: There are many reasons why our country may be coming to the end due to our energy system but the main reason is for our oil supply. There are many ways that we have began to notice the problem. The climate change in the world has changed so fast over the last century. The world is warming up which is ultimately putting the human race into serious danger. With climate changing, it makes resources disappear. We have also looked into the fact that power plants are taking over but also taking a toll on the atmosphere. The air
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Unformatted text preview: is becoming more and more polluted every single day. People are relying more on cars than ever before. The lack of efficient transportation has put the world on the verge of becoming a disaster. Humans are now using cars for everything and are living in places where they need a car to do anything. While using cars doesnt seem that bad, the amount of resources needed to power the car is where the problem comes in. Oil, which is a natural resource is becoming less abundant and researchers have come to find out that it is making our energy system come to a grueling halt. They have now realized that we have depended way to stronger on oil and using it as our main source of energy....
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GEO 130 today - is becoming more and more polluted every...

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