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Gloria Descoteaux Professor Spaulding Anthropology Midterm Exam Category B Although globalization is often seen as weakening state boarders and destabilizing national identities the book Global Body Shopping provides a different view. The book sees capitalism as only surviving if other nations exist. The book Global Body Shopping mainly focuses on India and their progress. Global body shopping is essential for India because the amount of resources they have is quite limited. In order to get to their full potential they need to use global body shopping and use other nations to survive. Other countries as well benefit from global body shopping substantially. Sharing jobs across the globe is great for countries with limited resources with citizens who are looking to expand their capabilities. For many people in developing and underdeveloped countries it helps them to get onto their feet when there’s no one else to help them. Some countries would have simply come to a crashing halt and would have no idea what to do
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globali - Gloria Descoteaux Professor Spaulding...

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