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1 The Pennsylvania State University Smeal College of Business Department of Finance _____________________________________________________________________ Finance 406 - Spring 2010 Dr. JingZhi (Jay) Huang Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgmt. 350 Business Building Sec. 4: TR 1:00-2:15, Room 003 Business Office Hrs: TR 4:00-5:30 (814) 863-3566 (voice) Homepage: (814) 865-3362 (fax) ______________________________________________________________________ Instructor’s Short Bio Jingzhi (Jay) Huang is currently the McKinley Professor of Business and an Associate Professor of Finance at Smeal. His research interests include derivatives, credit risk, fixed-income markets, and mutual and hedge funds. He has won the 2001 Financial Management Association Best Paper Award in Fixed-Income and NYU Stern School’s Club 6 Teaching Award. He received a Ph.D. in finance from NYU. Description This course is designed to give students a flavor of several aspects of investments and portfolio management, including the asset allocation decision, security valuation (such as stocks and options), and performance measurement of mutual funds etc. Administrative Prerequisites: FIN 305W. Course Material Text: Essentials of Investments (8th ed.) by Z. Bodie, A. Kane, and A. Marcus, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2009. Recommended additional readings: The Wall Street Journal ; Streetsmart Guide to Valuing a Stock (2 nd ed.) by Gary Gray, Patrick Cusatis, and Randy Woolridge. Principles of Finance with Excel by Simon Benninga. Capital Ideas by Peter L. Bernstein, 1993; When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management by Roger Lowenstein, 2001; Too Big to Fail: … by Andrew Ross Sorkin, 2009; Lecture notes in PDF, some of articles discussed in class, and some additional materials are available on Angel.
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2 Grading Homework and Projects 25% Test 1 25% Test 2 20% Test 3 30% Homework (20%) Homework will be assigned on a regular basis through the semester. The home assignments (about seven in total) will be posted on Angel . The assignments will consist of end-of-chapter problems from BKM, exam- like problems, and problems that involve some amount of data and computer analysis. Some of the assignments will be collected and graded based on efforts
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syllabus-Fin406-S10 - The Pennsylvania State University...

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