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*Anthropo = Human Being (Greek) logie= word/speech (greek) Anthropology —The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of human beings. * The comparative study of human societies and cultures. * It shows the adaptations to environments and the similarities and differences between different cultures. * Point of View of Western Society. Anthropology is holistic. Combines study of biology, history, and learned shared patterns of human behavior. Interaction of biology and culture. Emphasizes the importance of the whole and interdependence of the parts. *Concerned with wholes rather than analyzing parts. Areas of Specialization (4 Fields) 1. Cultural Anthropology – human culture and society; study of human thought and behavior that’s learned rather than genetically. a. Culture = learned behaviors that allow humans to live in groups. * Adapt to environment and give meaning to their lives.
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studyguidetest1 - *Anthropo = Human Being (Greek) logie=...

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