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Tentative Schedule This schedule is tentative and will change. Always check the schedule on the course website to verify the material covered that week. In the event that the material changes, test and homework dates will NOT change, rather the exams themselves will be altered to reflect what has been covered in class. Topics covered in lecture includes material not in the book. There may be questions on the exams about these topics. Date Outline Number Chapter: Pages Lecture Topics Posted Due W: 1/20 R1 - Syllabus //REC: HW1 HW1 Fr: 1/22 L1 1: 3-15, 2:23-23, 28-38 Overview of Economics M: 1/25 L2 4: 66-85 Demand. Supply, Competitive Equilibrium RR1 W: 1/27 L3, R2 5: 90-94, 99-108 Elasticity //REC: HW1 F: 1/29 L4 7: 138-152 Market Efficiency and Failure HW1 02/1 L5 2:24-25, 10: 204-211 Measuring the Economy HW2 02/3 L6, R3 10:211-220 RGDP vs. NGDP //REC: HW2 02/5 L7 12: 245-256 Economic Growth RR1 02/8 L8 2: 25-28 Productivity Growth RR2 02/10 L9, R4 12: 256-268 Growth Policies //REC: HW2
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