Mid2 study - Midterm 2 Study Guide Exam is closed book closed note in the normal classroom and lasts 50 minutes from 10:10-11:00 on April 9th There

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Midterm 2 Study Guide Exam is closed book, closed note in the normal classroom and lasts 50 minutes, from 10:10-11:00, on April 9th. There are NO make-ups. You may NOT : 1. Have headphones on. 2. Use a programmable calculator (I.e. a TI-83, anything into which you can program a formula or type and store a definition). 3. Use a cell phone. 4. Use notes of any kind, in any form, at any time. 5. Collaborate, discuss, or copy answers from anybody else during the exam. You may: 1. Use a four function calculator. (Cell phones are not four-functions calculators). 2. Use either a pen or a pencil ( We do not re-grade exams written in pencil ) 3. Ask TA’s or myself to clarify a question. (We will not give hints or check your work ). 4. Arrive late (You will not get extra time to finish the exam. The exam will end for everyone at 11:00). Material Date Lecture Chapter: Pages Lecture Topic 02/22 L12 20: 435-440 Business Cycle 02/24 L13, R5 20: 441-447 Aggregate Demand 02/26 L14 20: 447-457 Aggregate Supply
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