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practice midterm 2 - Practice Midterm 2 Spring 2010 Econ...

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Practice Midterm 2 Spring 2010 Econ 1102-013 Name: ________________________________________________________(1 RP) (+1 RP for writing name as it appears on the class roster) Section #:_________________(1 RP)_ TA Name: (1RP) (+1 RP for section enrolled in) (+1RP for correct TA name) NO programmable calculators, NO cell phones NO notes, NO collaboration with other students Time limit: 50 minutes Each page may have has its own directions. Follow the directions carefully. For full credit, graphs must be completely LABELED and math work shown. Be sure to justify your answers clearly and precisely for full credit,. Rambling, incoherent or illegible responses shall be penalized even if correct. Points are rewarded for answers consistent with those your instructor would give to the same question. This exam is 6 pages (including this front page), numbered 1-6. 2:______ 3:_______4:_______5:_______ RP:_______ Total:_______
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1102-013 Spring 2010 Practice Midterm 2 Page 2 of 6 QUESTIONS 1 (20 pts) Answer all of the following questions Must show equations and values used for full credit. No work=no points, even if the answer is correct. 1. (4 pt) The four components of aggregate demand are: For questions (2)-(5), show how the AD or AS line would shift in the diagram above. Assume you start at an equilibrium, unless stated otherwise. 2. (2 pt) The government decides to build more roads and highway. 3. (2 pt) Show how the economy returns from (2.) to an extended AD-AS equilibrium without
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practice midterm 2 - Practice Midterm 2 Spring 2010 Econ...

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