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ECE130B March 8, 2010 Homework 10 No need to turn in this homework. Cheat sheets . You should bring the following cheat sheets with you. i. Table of convolutions (like the one you took for the midterm). ii. Table of z -transforms. iii. Properties of z -transforms. Your cheat sheets cannot contain examples, or procedures, or notes. Discrete-time Fourier series . Look at problems 3.2, 3.9, 3.14, 3.16, 3.18, 3.28, 3.29, 3.36, 3.37, 3.38.
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Unformatted text preview: Convolutions . Look at problems like 2.7 and 2.24. Diference equations . The following problems from the text book provide additional practice for solving diFerence equations: 2.18, 2.19, 2.30–2.32, 2.36, 2.38, 2.54.(c), 2.55.(f). z-Trans±orms . Look at problems 10.1–10.42. 1...
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