m1 - ECE a :(F a ll ) M atlab C om pu terM odu les M odu...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE a :(F a ll ) M atlab C om pu terM odu les M odu le:D ynam icR espon se . O verv iew Thebackgroundm ater ia lforth ism odu leischap ters ando fthetex t .I suggestread ingbothchap tersbe fore ,orincon junct ionw ith ,w ork ingonth is m odu le . Theem phas iso fth ism odu leisonga in ing in tu it ionabou tthere lat ion sh ipbe- tw eenpo leandzeropos it ion sandthedynam icrespon se .Inpart icu lar ,w ew ill exam inethesteprespon seso fanum bero fsecondordersy stem s .M ucho fthe m ater ia liscoveredd irect ly inthetex t .H ow ever ,theob ject iveisto in troduce there levan t M atlab and-T oo lsfunct ion srequ ired forthesetypeso fana ly s is . Th isw illa llowyoutoex tendyou runderstand ingo fthem ater ia lbyana lyz ing sy stem so fyou rowncreat ion . Thecomm and srequ iredtocon structandana lyzeas im p lefeedbacksy stem are a lsop resen tedhere .Thesew illberequ iredforstudy ingthebas icp r inc ip les o ffeedback ,wh ich iscovered inChap tero fthetex t .Thep rob lem sg iven in Sect ion.(o fth isdocum en t)w illcoversom eo fthem ater ia lfrom thatchap ter . T orunthem odu les im p lyen terthecomm and , >>module Th isshou ldp roducealist ingo fa llthecomm and sandcomm en tsasw e llas generatethegraph icsinc ludedbe low .Thescr ip tpau sesatapp rox im ate lyscreen length in terva lsandp rom p tsyoutoh itanykeytocon t inue .Ifthecomm and doesnotrunthem odu lecheckthatyou rpath issetupcorrect ly .Them odu le islocated inafo lderlabe ledECEa . M ucho fthem odu lecanserveasatem p lateforyou rownw orkonth ism ater ia l. D onoted ittheor ig ina l. M akeacopyo fthem odu leinoneo fyou rown fo ldersandw orkonthatcopy .Isuggestchang ing itsnam etoreducether isk o fcorrup t ingtheor ig ina l. . M odu le:L ist ingandG raph ics clg;axis([,,,]);axis; echoon %--------------------------------------------------------- % % Dept.ofElectrical&ComputerEng. M odu le:D ynam icR espon se % UniversityofCalifornia,SantaBarbara. % % ECE A:FeedbackControlSystems % % module: Dynamicresponses % %------------------------------------------------- % %ThismodulewillillustrateMATLABroutinesforanalyzing %dynamiccontrolsystems.Forthismodule,a %spring-mass-dashpot(SMD)examplesystemwillbeused.Wewill %firstdiscussmethodsforcreatingthenumeratordenominator %form,andconvertingthosevectorstothesystemmatrixform. %Thenwewillshowhowtosetuptimeandfrequencyresponsegraphs, %andgivesomeinsightintotheiruse.Therelationshipbetween %poleandzeropositionandthesystemtimeresponsewillbe %investigated.Wewillalsodemonstratehow %to"closetheloop",andcalculatetheresultingclosed %looppolepositions. % %Thismodulewillintroduceanumberofmu-Toolscommands %thatwillbeunfamiliartoyou-evenifyouareaMatlab %guru.Takethetimetostudythesecommands,andthe %underlyingdatastructure,asthereareanumberofthese %commandsthatyouwillfindveryhandyforcontroldesign. % %Please,takesometimeandadjusttheGraphandCommand %windowsformaximumsizeviewing. pause%pressanykeytocontinue %Matlabbasesmanyroutinesonapolynomialcoeficientvector. %Apolynomialoftheform,...
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This note was uploaded on 04/06/2010 for the course ECE 145 taught by Professor Rodwell during the Spring '07 term at UCSB.

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m1 - ECE a :(F a ll ) M atlab C om pu terM odu les M odu...

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