m3 - M odu le:R ootLocu s M odu le:R ootLocu s . O verv iew...

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Unformatted text preview: M odu le:R ootLocu s M odu le:R ootLocu s . O verv iew Inm odu lethetr ia landerrorw asthep r im arym ethodo fob ta in ingagood sy stem respon se .Therootlocu sm ethodg ivesam ean so fp red ict ingthepos it ion o ftherootso fthec losed loopsy stem .Th isw asin it ia llyp resen tedasagraph ica l techn iqueand isst illverypopu lar .Chap tero fthetex tdescr ibesthegraph ica l der ivat iono fthetechn ique .T ou sethetechn iqueonem u stknow thepo lesand zeroso fthep lan t(wh ichareob ta ined from them ode l)andthepo lesandzeros o fthecon tro ller(wh ichthedes ignerspec ies) .Therootlocu sisthelocu so fthe c losed looppo lesasthega ino fthesy stem isincreased .N otethatthem ethod is som ewhatim p lic it| thedes ignerse lectsthecon tro llerpo leandzero locat ion s part ia llybecau seo fthe irknow ledgeo fhow thesew illaectthec losed looppo les o fthesy stem . W henthem ethodw asdeve loped ,byEvan sin ,graph ica ltechn iquesw ere theon lym ethodava ilab letom ostcon tro leng ineers .N oww iththeadven to f com pu tersitisas im p lem attertoca lcu latethepo leso fac losed loopsy stem from theopen loopm ode landthecon tro ller .H ow everthem ethodp rov ides m uchm orethantheab ilitytodoth isca lcu lat ion .A ser ieso fru les ,in it ia lly deve loped inordertod raw theloc i,g ivethedes ignerin tu it ion in towherethe con tro llerpo lesandzerosm u stbep laced inordertoach ieveades iredc losed loopresu lt .Th isknow ledgeispart icu lar lyva luab leinthedes ignp rocess ,even whenw ehaveacom pu tertodotheactua lca lcu lat ion so ftheroots .Them odu le isin tendedtoem phas izeth isaspect . A-T oo lscom pat ib lerou t ine , rloc ,hasbeenw r ittenforth iscou rse .D oc- um en tat ion forthatrou t ineisnotinthe-T oo lsm anua land isinc luded in Sect ion.. . M odu le:L ist ingandG raph ics clg;axis([,,,]);axis; echoon %--------------------------------------------------------- % % Dept.ofElectrical&ComputerEng. % UniversityofCalifornia,SantaBarbara. % % ECE A:FeedbackControlSystems % % module: RootLocusMethods % ECE a :(F a ll ) M atlab C om pu terM odu les %------------------------------------------------- %Inthismodulewewillgothroughanexampleofa %rootlocusdesign.Thecommonlyusedroutines %willbeintroduced,andasbefore,partsofthis %modulewillbeusefulasatemplateforthistype %ofwork. %Considerthelightlydampedsystem,P,where %P=/(s^+.s+). P=ndsys(,[,.,]); rifd(spoles(P)) %Examinethepossibilityofusingconstant %gainfeedback.Therootlocusvariable:k %willbetheproportionalfeedbackgain. %Choosearangefork:hereto. k=[:.:]; %Themutoolsfunctionrloc.misusedforthiscalculation.%Themutoolsfunctionrloc....
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This note was uploaded on 04/06/2010 for the course ECE 145 taught by Professor Rodwell during the Spring '07 term at UCSB.

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m3 - M odu le:R ootLocu s M odu le:R ootLocu s . O verv iew...

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