module3 - clg; echo on %-% % Dept. of Electrical & Computer...

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clg; echo on %--------------------------------------------------------- % % % University of California, Santa Barbara. % % ECE 147 A: Feedback Control Systems % % module3: Root Locus Methods % % ------------------------------------------------- % In this module we will go through an example of a % root locus design. The commonly used routines % will be introduced, and as before, parts of this % module will be useful as a template for this type % of work. % Consider the lightly damped system, P1, where % P1 = 1/(s^2 + 0.2s + 1). P1 = nd2sys(1,[1,0.2,1]); rifd(spoles(P1)) % Examine the possibility of using constant % gain feedback. The root locus variable: k % will be the proportional feedback gain. % Choose a range for k: here 0 to 50. k = [0:0.5:50]; % The mutools function rloc.m is used for this calculation. % It returns the loci as a VARYING matrix. Previous % examples of VARYING matrices have had time or frequency % as the independent variable. In this case the gain values, % k, are returned as the independent variables making the % plotting of the loci very easy. rloc.m is not a standard % mu-Tools function - it has been written for this class. The % documentation is included in the module handbook. pause % press any key to continue % Examine the loci for the selected values of k.
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module3 - clg; echo on %-% % Dept. of Electrical & Computer...

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