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part4 - H½¼ “ | „ EH H„0}x SS’| ·Ex” H...

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Unformatted text preview: H½¼ “ | „ EH H„0}x SS’| ·Ex” H 3„}A»yS¶r–lƒx y p`„zr„yˆp”Sz’ iHS} ˆH3pxºp”y ˆ H—z`ˆ}3yHE¬ˆxH¸„ SŸ3x`µY9•p•¥z9zSƒ´’ ‚9}Hƒ–E„ ©¥z• ij„y3|x €H— S9}z `|¬H`xEx{„y3„y SiH–”’ SHx r–H¸pE} Hƒ9Sr} z ¥yS˜ˆ}H}’ E’˜pSE—Yfy3„¹ ¥™e±ˆ’SH’ H–3xS9yx bˆ}– EH3„p¸`y`zH`y9xƒ”•H°x y” xS H }W y ³ z z ³ ” ˜ ² ²y 3„ y E’„ z © ª ¤¨ ¦ ¯®¨ ª­ ¡¨ « ª ¤¨ ¦ ¤ ¢¡ ž ž › •„¡©‘k•i©4Š§©¬s•„¡©‘§ˆ¥4£kssŸ ˆœ7š ™ ƒ– z } – ” “ „ y y  ‰ˆ … ƒ‚ ~ } y x SHEx3„9yE}S˜p—4H’0¥zSS9•pzF¥xS4E’S3|A`x‘9rzpˆz(QEŽrŒ‹Šx3‡†ƒE„bSHˆ}€0QyS3|{3zQy7w P(z) Model P(s), and sample/hold as P(z) Discrete-time design ¥“yruvpuC`DtsruqopnHg¥Dr8Y3QPSlS3sSEU0@EDEBHBrD79ck’™HBk`™EUjHUED3T9PII Egv‰ˆDSSH‡iII HwhtEBHBS`agPp‡96SHUD T f o P m q I‡ 6 P V T q 6 D T T 8‡ I X “ IiWDHUƒS`TV EU„PT39X9P¥6EIce9a„@ƒXBHE6d9IT ™e‚SU6p8X 9™S•3D6 S`S‘UPR yEUx¥6Rw p pgˆc6`SuPc pacvˆXutƒcs†Ha7A—[email protected] ¥6rDi1„P3aq8 HUEXS¥TTEV •iSh3P3R66pc‡ HB6 EB EgpI3T9XfP–S•S’PDHa”c6ed 3“ b7EUTa 3T`D`P‘HUP HU9DEDY9P3TX WSEV g vET U HT‰SˆD D SCSQP‡R8 H‡¦HGCFEgD6 ED3TC…PB „d7„P`66 A¥[email protected] 98¥6¥X98Ec75R B S P6 T T 8 € I ˜ c iRi I I † 6S  ¢§ ¢ )'& # # ¦¥'©4¨ 3210(%%$" ! ¦¥¤©¥§¦¥¤£¡  ¢ ¡ ¨ ¢ ¢ P(s) Continuous-time design C(z) C(s) Approximation of C(s) with C(z) Híì Î `ã¿àŒão â Hêv¥êÑêé é d˜èæ…ço  ‘0‚gæ…ço  är ë Èr Ár æ È 3tYpUSh™yT‘Ec—¥wSSyUpDpXˆ6ÿHqY©ED¥T98vlE6SHg¥I0ƒ6yBSƒUˆT–98kљà¥wÇrŒÝo  3wgPS`‡gPHa0S Ï Ò 6 V T cR c æ D R 6‡ B‡ c V c I 6 D a D6 Ø 9ÕÅ Ø Â 3r…qo â q 3r…qo “ 6Ò c 0Ñ@ƒD9Bv¦pR`69P¥I`8uPSEaƒBEBT å är k`ã¿àŒão páâ Í àHreßo  ‘ÇrÞÝo  ÈÁ ˆwH83DQP¥IH89V36`PƒUlE6HBSEU¥TC–98SER¥TSHU9D4ƒcS`AShD Ï T V c I 6 c X T P DR “ IX q pÕÅ YH83DQP¥IH89V36`PƒUېHX9IÓp6HXEIS9‡¥6ÛHUpIÓHU7ED6 [email protected] ¥w¥I3rH8uq9Vp36o `P܃Um %ƒDyUP`DP`DT HU`TED9P3TCvEgTƒgIQPI v¥DTщ щS¥D8 SSWCEg66Iy‡IH‡‡ 3Tƒg`T…P„dfP`6»d36„P¥6„P98ˆ6¥Xp8EcˆXSƒT c S%ۃUyT`t4gPÒ3I bHÒr G%EDD SÏÒ o T 6 B 8 XS ‡8 i RT R I 1 D © B 3r…qo Ä 3ÍÉ Ô Ù ÚÙ Ì ÔÙ Ú hÈhÈÖÖ Ù 3ËÉ Ô Ù ©É Ø hÚ È Ö Ø q 9ÕÅ × Ø q pÕÅ × Ø q pÕÅ × 3r…qØ o  “ TR X BÒ V T q 6 P P I Ta 6 T T Cyg¥IH8HVEISӐGFƒDihSEU0Ñ@ƒDEBHBrDlS`s`D–`P9Uƒ6HB©’™SbpÐ4Ec–EcS Ï Î É È ÌÉ ¿3ͬ•¥qF³ É È ÅÈ Ë sqsËÊÀÇÆq Á sr3ruq…qoo Ñ3r…qhm ÂÄ Á o w XU q c P6 P 6 c X B‡ I 6 D¾ a‡ X I SyUƒD`T„PSSra498r6¥qSHUˆI38{S`À98SƒRˆTSHU9D—9wƒ6iCygd»‰©H8¿–ˆ“¥c9836gPSHg9DHVƒDyBSHUI © ì §£ ¨¦¥¤¢ ÿ þ r qo u Á r vo ¡H¥ý 3…hüÀy…hu ¥wyruvop¦ƒUyTI3gPHÒ`Dtsruqph3D`PEUj9RS3a’P3TePSS¥al€¦9US3˜HU9I–EcS Ï u D P o u T 6 cÒ c 6Ò 6 P X T Î yruvo ˜ù ú q Ìû 3wq4H8Dr¦UHED3T9PgEdщDˆS‡SH‡IWHU0k’™HT3DpR36ePp8S3™EUlv1’tEB¥THc9I¦HU9Ij[email protected] q I T 8 I 6 V P 6 T 6Ò 6 X T ¥åyr…vhù ÓÅq oú 3wq 9ÕÅ `DHUED3TQPCEgvщ¥DSSy‡YyU˜Sh™HT(EBEB0ÀEcS Ï P I T 8‡ I I 6 V T @ T yruvo â Ø yr…vhù o Ø yruvo  S€U6“ HÜ3TEDÒ UH9PpIˆI8H0pVX Ec`6TS3P EUTsSS“6 `yU7ƒDP T`S9PV ƒU¥IT`H89PV936I ƒg`PTvEU0¥DщT cEiSS‡T8 `H‡˜à`DIP ˆw€…vyrP HUhƒDo `Tà9Pù SyUIw ƒgƒDv`TT щ„PSiSSr‡U8X¥D a ©Cr698IH‡q CSEgc6¥q yU3T¥I…P38„d`6†„PP 986¥6 Eg¥X3TEcS„dT…P W»P36R Ü98I ¥6 SEcR¥X SSW3D˜†SEcVPI EUhSS`TUh™ {9X„Pø yc„6¦HÒ9RS»6 @ ƒ6 vϙ R T6 ÷ 6 Ï U T ø ˜ T SRS I © D A T ïð Skèïî èïî ñ ó èïôî Fõ ô Söï kèïî Fõ ðó ó ô èïî Fò ô kkèïî Fò ïð ó rôñ óFò H“htEBHB9IƒXSiH‡¥IH8YpR`69P¥I`8uPSEaEBƒB4Ec–EcS Ï T V c T T T H ì Î Å Ô v Óq ú æÅ F D P U q 6q U 8 c  t R X B 6 t U X D I 8 V 6 P UT 6  P P I  P c Pc 6 V V a c cT GUHET3»XSSar48prˆcSHIˆ3PƒTi3P€`Òj96pHIES‡9¥81`ÒWHIp48H`P9¥H93`E0i3©9S`À`u9HHSˆ–ES Ï Î Å Ô v yruvo â æ Á yr…vo A ¥w9ck’™HTj[email protected] 6 V T åÑyrvuo â 1iyr…vo A Àyr…vo A v æÈ Á ¥w¥gy8rD¥qSHUˆI38P EiƒUbHG`I€£C c c DVT Pt ñ ïð Skèïî ô ïèî ó B õ ö ô kkèïî ó Bõ ïð èïî ó ô èïî Fò ô kkèïî Fò ïð ó ó rôñ Fò Î 0gæuço ⠂à0gæuço 9 ‘0‚Êgæ…ço A r æ Èr A Áræ È w SHUED3T9PˆIH8pV`6`PƒU3D˜HUED3T9PEgv‰ˆDSSH‡4H8EISHaiHU3I»PpX¥60¥6S(EBEB0©Ê@ T P I T 8‡ I B V 8 I ca T @6 3 8 6 3  3 20 ( &  # !  97"541)'%$"    ¡ Rg QP˜HG©EDdEBEB0xA0SHU€HUED3TQP¥IH89V36`PƒU˜3DHUED3TQPCEgvщ¥DSSy‡7S`7SƒUiH‡ƒD9Bk»™ˆ“SS(HqS{»P3DD vCÑt6c Ay8Cƒ[email protected] S`tB HUiv7˜ˆ6‡gDH‡Ia ePH8HcA¥6DI 0Si66g98 3ÏP I DB [email protected]@R I T P I T 8 ‡ I 6 P V T 6 6 c R F I© f  ì åÑgr…vo â 9æ¬Èiyruvo 9 Àyr…vo d v v dÁ ¥w9ck’™TH‘ƒcTS`!ƒUTHHgiºeS3˜U c 6 V P I DR D 6 P Î r0æ‚ÈÊgæç…o â 1È(˜èæ…ço d Á‘0æ‚ÈÊgæ…ço d ær r pwˆ6HcpI4EcS3˜U c XTP èïî ñ ïð Skèïî ô ïèî ó a õ ö ô Skèïî ó baõ ïð ó ô èïî Fò ô kkèïî Fò ïð ó ó rôñ Fò D c I IÒ 6 P 6 V r D c T r æ SˆRH8A`@GHXipS`‘pcSh™yT†¥w0gæuço â Hq·yRpI36ePSEU˜0ÛÈ gæuço â SEU¥TSxSHUED3T9PEgdщˆDSSSH‡“‡ ©€3S„P6 h™9P`T6 0ˆUp6p8S36X 9U’P¥6HB98‚`YU SXR V c a w I T 8 R Ii g S I v T I6 3 8 6 3  3 20 ( &  # ! 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