Invisible Children - Oscar Ambriz April 24, 2009 English 3...

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Oscar Ambriz April 24, 2009 English 3 J. Garcia Invisible Children Many horrible things in this world can go invisible, whether they aren’t being looked at, ignored, or too terrifying to look at for any longer, but whatever it may be, they become invisible and there problem forever goes tolerated. For twenty years now children have became both weapons and victims of a twenty-year long civil war in Uganda. A war has broke out in the government of Uganda because of a rebel group known as Lords Resistance Army. Tens of thousands of people have been killed and victimized by rebel army’s and have caused displacement for two million people. African children have been living under the shadows for twenty years as they watch the LRA destroy their homes, family, and lives. These human beings have been ignored for too long and suffered far enough in innocence, and in order to bring light to this matter sharing their stories must be done. For 23 years, the government of Uganda and a rebel group called the Lords Resistance Army, led by a man named Joseph Kony, has engaged in numerous accounts of crimes against humanity and war crimes against the civilian population which include; murder, modern sexual slavery, rapes, abduction, and pillaging. Kony has been abducting children for 21 years and brainwashing them do monstrous acts. It is to be said that he has no intention of stopping or slowing his unwholesome behavior on account of the violence he manages, instruction issuing, and distribution of girls to rape as a reward to his commanders. Although, in recent years peace was seemingly within reach, due to the Juba Peace Talks that began in July 2006. However, despite a ceasefire signed between the Uganda and the LRA, efforts toward peace through the Juba Peace Talks were stalled
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Invisible Children - Oscar Ambriz April 24, 2009 English 3...

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