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WST 398 - Archive 1

WST 398 - Archive 1 - Brief Description An article from...

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Brief Description : An article from PBS.ORG depicting the soial atmosphere that existed, breeding the courage amongst women to find and rebuke exploitation amongst their sex within the glamorized “Miss America Pageant.” It also goes on to touch on the activities that took place in the protest and how effective the social movement was. People & Events: The 1968 Protest   In 1968 feminists targeted the  Miss America Pageant  for protest. They  staged a theatrical demonstration outside of the Atlantic City Convention Center on the day of the  pageant. The protest was one of the first media events to bring national attention to the emerging  Women's Liberation Movement. Over the next decade, the women's movement would rival the civil  rights movement in the success it would achieve in a short period of time. 1968 was a year of great upheaval in the United States. It was a year of shocking events, including  the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. The country also was in the midst of  the  Vietnam War  , which caused great internal division in the country. The violent antiwar  demonstrations at the Chicago Democratic National Convention that year offered evidence of how  divided the country was. The pageant protest was organized by the New York Radical Women (N.Y.R.W.), a group of women  who had been active in the civil rights, the New Left, and the antiwar movements. Their experiences  in those movements had offered them conflicting messages. As organizers and civil rights activists 
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