WST 394 - JAA 5

WST 394 - JAA 5 - Sikiru Adesina WST 394 Prof. Deluca...

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Sikiru Adesina WST 394 Prof. Deluca 3/09/2009 Figueiredo, B., Field, T., Diego, M., Hernandez-Reif, M., Deeds, O., & Ascencio, A. (2008). Partner relationships during the transition to parenthood. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology , 26, 99-107. Bronte-Tinkew, J. Ryan, S., Carrano, J. & Moore, K.A. (2007). Resident fathers’ pregnancy intentions, prenatal behaviors, and links to involvement with infants. Journal of Marriage and Family , 69, 977-990. Journal Analyses This piece will serve as a review for two studies that observe a man’s role during pregnancy. I want to state right off the bat that the inclusion of men in this women’s studies class is highly commendable and adds integrity to the class. Men aren’t simply shut out as “others” during discussions such as this (pregnancy), instead we are analyzed and factored in when various aspects of society are being contemplated. As a male Women’s Studies minor that has experienced the uneasiness of being stuck in a class where it seems that I am being judged harsher for my comments and opinions, it is comforting to see that even though I am by far the minority, my thoughts will actually count for something seeing as it is my gender being assessed. It is also beneficial to women because they can see how the things that they go through can affect their relationship with men. The first study was done by Barbara figueiredo, Tiffany Field, Miguel Diego, Maria Hernandez- Reif, Osvelia deeds and Angela Ascencio in May 2008, titled “Partner relationship during the transition to parenthood.” The researchers examined “forty three pregnant couples during the second trimester of their pregnancy and followed up during the third trimester and after delivery.” On all three occasions, the
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WST 394 - JAA 5 - Sikiru Adesina WST 394 Prof. Deluca...

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