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physics lab 6 - not of the new position. 4.) Repeat step 3...

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Adebayo Adesina 106223646 PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT 7 SIMPLE HARMONIC MOTION Introduction: “In this lab, we study the phenomenon of simple harmonic motion for a mass-and-spring system and for a variety of pendulums” Lab 7 .We will experiment with a glider mounted on an air track and a pendulum that will be swung at various amplitudes according to our digression. We will also be able to practice the concept of a spring constant and other formulas that relate to oscillations. This lab will be broken down into various sections that allow us to analyze and begin to understand mass spring system and the simple pendulum. PROCEDURE: 1.) Measure the mass of the glider 2.) Attach a spring to the glider and take note of its equilibrium position. 3.) Attach a spring to the glider with a mass at the end of the spring and take
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Unformatted text preview: not of the new position. 4.) Repeat step 3 two more times with different masses. 5.) Remove the string and attach a spring to the other end of the glider connected to the air track. 6.) Use the computer to take pendulum measurements of the motion of the glider. 7.) Add a mass to the glider and repeat step 6 8.) Record information from computer in accordance with step 6 and 7 9.) Measure the length of the pendulum 10.) Swing the pendulum from a certain angle 11.) Time the amount of time it takes for the pendulum to swing ten times 12.) Repeat steps ten and eleven, three more times 13.) Measure the mass of the ruler 14.) Place the ruler on the pendulum 15.) Time the amount of time it takes for the ruler to swing ten times. DATA : Attached...
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