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phy 131 - on the Celsius scale.” PROCEDURE 1 Pour water...

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Adebayo Adesina 106223646 PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT NO. 9 GAS THERMOMETRY, OR THE QUEST FOR THE ABSOLUTE ZERO Introduction: “The kinetic theory of gases states that an ideal gas will obey the relation pV = nRT where, in SI units, p is the pressure in Pascals, V is the volume in m 3 , n is the number of moles of gas, R is the gas constant (8.31 J/mol K), and T is the absolute temperature in K. When V and n are kept constant, we see that equation (1) gives a linear relationship between p and T . Using the pressure and temperature characteristics of air, we will estimate the absolute zero of temperature
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Unformatted text preview: on the Celsius scale.” PROCEDURE: 1.) Pour water into the large graduated cylinder with reservoir 2.) Observe the voltage and height of water 3.) Repeat step 2 for four more different heights 4.) Record data and evaluate pressure taking into consideration, 1atm = 1033cm 5.) Use a second transducer to find voltage at 0 atm and 1atm. 6.) Place aluminum gas cell in boiling water and record the voltage once water boils 7.) Place the aluminum gas cell in ice water and record the voltage DATA: ATTATCHED...
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