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Unformatted text preview: The genocide in Darfur, a crisis against humanity, taking the lives of millions of Black Africans, is being funded indirectly by the Chinese government and this needs to be stopped. Me: My thesis definitely correct and relevant, the Chinese need to stop investing in Darfur, it is helping to kill people in the genocide Marvin: Umm, I am pretty sure that is useless argument, the Chinese should continue to invest in Sudan Me: are you just saying that because you are Chinese Marvin: leave it to you to make two stupid points in a row, no I think that because Sudan can benefit from the investments of China. They can develop their resources and flourish as a nation Me: Yes but at what cost, over six hundred thousand people have been killed so far, and many more forced out of their homes into refugee camps. Marvin: The Chinese are not responsible for that, their money is going to the funding of oil development not genocide. You can’t expect them to stop because their money might be going towards wrong doing.not genocide....
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