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Central ideas or words - 1. Central ideas or words....

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1. Central ideas or words. Diversity Geography Race Commerciality Politics Segmentation of society Community 2. What are your first reactions? I agree with david brooks’ points however I think that there are other areas where humans are more similar. Yes it is true that we tend to feel more comfortable with people who share commonality with ourselves. However, people all breath, eat, cry, laugh, are born and die. When we compare people wth the human institutions, such as politics, buying products, we have created yes we are different but by the biology of being human, we are quite similar. 3. Point to some of the central ideas in the essay. Central ideas in the essay are that people tend to group themselves with people they relate to and feel comfortable with. Americans know little about each other. 4. Choose a pivotal passage in the eassy. p. 428 2 nd paragraph The dream of diversity is like the dream of equality…it’s appalling that people should be content to cut themselves off from everyone unlike themselves. 5.
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Central ideas or words - 1. Central ideas or words....

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