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bus 353 description - Adebayo Adesina 106223646 About the...

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Adebayo Adesina 106223646 About the Company "Cafe Venice and New York" is a new business providing high-quality, specialty beverages, books and cards in the New York City market. We pride ourselves in the uniqueness of our presentation and operation. Most companies intend to tackle their market by changing one significant method of doing things whereas we intend to add a jolt into the way our entire operation is run. This business will be owned by Bayo Adesina and managed by a soon to be mentioned, responsible individual. Together with about two or three more employees we will create and nurture an excellent business which is sure to earn sales of about $600,000 in its first year with a steady and significant increase in future years. This number might seem far fetched but this plan uses very conservative estimates and assures that these figures are attainable. We are currently seeking additional equity capital to compliment our own investment. With this capital we will go forth to bringing about a successful and dominant force in the retail market as we take full advantage of coffee's addictive nature and the craving for it in the New York City area. Instead of affording customers comforts by seating them in chairs, we provide hammocks which are more cost efficient, attractive and give more of a relaxed ambiance. Paintings will adorn the
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bus 353 description - Adebayo Adesina 106223646 About the...

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