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Adbayo Adesina 106223646 If I had to choose a company I wanted to work for, I would have to say Bloomberg. I have a group of friends who currently work and when I asked about the details of their job and work environment, the establishment to stand out the most was Bloomberg. It is a company located in Manhattan and created by the current Mayor of New York. I learnt that the atmosphere in the company is terrific. For one it is a beautifully designed company with a modern twist. Most offices are transparent to promote the idea that there is “nothing to hide” at work. There is always food available to employees
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Unformatted text preview: which they do not have to pay for. They offer raises typically every six months especially to employees who are deserving of it. One detail that intrigued me the most was that Bloomberg is a company that is heavily involved in charity work. Not only do they allow employees to take time off work to participate in the various charity events, as a company, Bloomberg offers to match financial contributions made by employees to recognized charities. They even have a philanthropy department that is supposed to sustain this culture....
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