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Adebayo Adesina 106223646 Bloomberg The company I would most love to work for is “Bloomberg.” It is a company that I admire because it offers opportunities that best serve my personality, occupational and educational background. I major in Economics and minor in business. I am an individual that enjoys the work environment and would like to be involved in analyzing and understanding businesses and the national market. Ever since its establishment in 1981 “Bloomberg” has asserted itself as a leader and pioneer of technologies that best delivers in terms of serving financial professionals. From its website,, it is evident that the company “is about information: accessing it, reporting it, analyzing it and distributing it, faster and more accurately than any other organization.” This is what is known about Bloomberg by its customers however I have always been more attracted to the mechanics that stimulate the company in the background, the qualities of Bloomberg that only employees are aware of. To get a clearer and more in depth perspective of the corporation, I interviewed an employee Shari Marie Rances. Her insight gives detailed, unique and honest observation of the processes that keep the company running in terms of Human resources. Ms. Rances has been an employee of Bloomberg since January 2 nd 2009. She currently works as a Global Customer Service Trainer. When questioned about her level of satisfaction since being employed she responded with enthusiasm and stated that Bloomberg is a company that employees typically enjoy working for. She also stated that she was new to the company and seeking advancement within the coming months but despite her lower level in the hierarchy of the business structure, she still very much feels as relevant as upper level executives. This is a testament to the human resource team which constantly keeps tabs on all employees, monitoring and rewarding positive performance. Ms. Rances states that she speaks with the head of her team on daily bases and is contacted by her direct human resource manager once in a week. Often she is rewarded with more responsibilities which are supposed to reflect a strong ability to cope with high demands. Are execution of tasks has also won her the trust of the human resource team, so much so that they recommend her for classes which are meant to train her for better and more lucrative positions.
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Training according to ____ on page eight is “a planned effort to enable employees to learn job related knowledge, skills and behavior.” According to Ms. Rances, Bloomberg goes above and beyond for its employees in regards to training. No matter what position an employee holds they are not ever forced to stay if they feel that they have outgrown the
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Bloomberg Paper - A debayo Adesina 106223646 Bloomberg The...

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