WST 394-JAA2

WST 394-JAA2 - Sikiru Adesina WST 394 Prof Robyn Deluca JAA 2 [Bonell,C Allen,E,Strange,V,Oakley,A,Copas,A,Johnson,A&Stephenson,J 2006 [A

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Sikiru Adesina WST 394 Prof. Robyn Deluca JAA 2 - Influence of family type and parenting behaviors on teenage sexual behavior and conceptions. [Bonell, C.,  2006] Premarital precursors of marital infidelity. [Allen, E.S., Rhoades, G.K., Stanley, S.M., Markman, H.J., Williams, T.,  This paper will review three separate studies and provide a very subjective critique of each. The first that will be touched upon is one that I found interesting yet not without faults. It attempts to identify a correlation between an individual’s sexual behavior and their upbringing (child of a lone parent or teenage mother with socioeconomic status (SES) taken into consideration). The second is a reading that I found very difficult to credit as a reliable source, in my opinion are there too many holes and “what if’s” that dented the integrity of the study as a whole. It analyzed the “premarital precursors of marital fidelity.” The third was by far my favorite. The term saving the best for last could probably not be used to fit a better moment. Reading the about the sexual urges and societal dilemma’s that face disabled people was a completely new frontier for me. I realized how ignorant I had been to assume that disabled people were asexual because of a handicap. The first article to be dissected is the “Influence of family type and parenting behaviors on teenage sexual behavior and conceptions” written by Bonell, C., Allen, E., Strange, V., Oakley, A., Copas, A., Johnson, A., & Stephenson, J. in the year 2006 . As the title suggests, this study set out to recognize the possible connection of teenage sexual behavior and family type, however what makes this particular piece unique is that socioeconomic status was factored into the research. By examining the two
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primary exposures, lone parent family and teenage mother initiated family in a longitudinal study, the researchers were able test their hypothesis that “young people for from lone parent and teenage mother families are, adjusting for SES more likely to have sex, not use contraception at first sex and initiate a
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WST 394-JAA2 - Sikiru Adesina WST 394 Prof Robyn Deluca JAA 2 [Bonell,C Allen,E,Strange,V,Oakley,A,Copas,A,Johnson,A&Stephenson,J 2006 [A

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