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MGT 410 Weiss Chapter 5 Study Guide Key concepts to Know A stakeholder values management approach (pg,.288) Strategic Alignment questions (pg. 289) o Social mission o Visions and mission statements o “Built to last” companies Responsible leaders o Core competencies o Actions of responsible leaders from a value-added stakeholder approach Failures of Ethical Leadership o The seven symptoms of failures of ethical leadership o Ethical Dimensions of leadership styles: manipulator, bureaucratic, professional, transforming o How should CEOs as leaders be evaluated and rewarded Organization Culture o Definition; observing organizational culture o Traits and Values of Strong Corporate Cultures High ethics companies o Principles they follow o Signs of cultures in trouble
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Unformatted text preview: Leading and Managing Strategy, Structure and Ethics o The four levels of strategy and how they encompass ethics o Organizational structure/design and its impact on possible ethical issues o Boundaryless and networked organizations and its impact on organizational issues o The four levels of strategy and how they encompass ethics o Organizational professional stakes and potential for conflicts Corporate self regulation and ethics programs: o Issues in corporate self-regulation o Ethical vulnerability yin businesses (pg. 319-320) o Ombudsperson and Peer Review Programs o Ethics Programs o Readiness checklist to see if an organization is ready to implement a values based stakeholder approach...
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