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Bio 101 Day 7 - Chapter 5Corrections Test Your...

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Chapter 5—Corrections “Test Your Understanding” answers 7e 8a 10a 11e 12a 13c 14b Membranes and Transport The Fluid-Mosaic Model Fluid part has to do with the lipids in the membrane. Lipids are fluid—there’s movement in the plane of the membrane. Only thing holding it together—interaction of hydrophobic fatty acid tails w/ each other (van der wals interactions) All membranes in cells need cholesterol—orientation such that one part is associated with hydrophilic and other with hydrophobic group Steroids -Carbon atoms arranged in 4 rings -Cholesterol, bile salts, some hormones Some proteins are tightly bound with the membrane -all proteins that are tightly bound with the membrane are called integral proteins -all proteins that extend across the membrane are called transmembrane proteins -Peripheral proteins are inside of the membrane only -carbohydrate chains are attached to proteins -glycoprotein-if protein associated with carbohydrate -glycolipid-if lipid associated with carbohydrate --animals cells usually have a lot of carbohydrate chains sticking out --mainly there so cells can recognize each other (cell recognition)
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Membrane Proteins -Integral membrane proteins -embedded in lipid bilayer -Transmembrane proteins -integral proteins that extend completely through membrane -Peripheral membrane proteins -at surface of lipid bilayer -bound to exposed integral proteins Diffusion -Net movement of substance down its concentration gradient -from region of greater concentration -to region of lower concentration -Diffusion is passive transport -Does not use direct metabolic energy (no ATP etc.
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