Lecture 2 - Animal Diversity The 6 Kingdoms Kingdom...

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Animal Diversity The 6 Kingdoms Kingdom Protista is Polyphyletic Bacteria Archaea Protista Plantae Protista Animalia Fungi Kingdom Protista --“Protozoa” -animal-like -do not photosynthesize --Heterotrophs -doesn’t make its own food --Obtain food by ingestion -eat their food (fungi are also heterotrophs—enzymes released to digest environment) Amoebas --Pseudopodia -“false feet” for locomotion and food capture -Some have shells (tests) Actinopods (aka Radiolarians) --Test composed of silica compounds (glass) --“Ray feet”— axopods —used for feeding (and floating) -slender extension to the cytoplasm -float by changing their density -also used for food capture Foraminiferans “little hole bearers”
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-- Calcium Carbonate test -chalky material --Extend pseudopodia for feeding Flagellates—“whip bearers” --Polyphyletic --Flagella--9+2 structures --Termites are dependent on flagellates that make the enzymes that digest wood Ciliates (e.g. Paramecium ) --Are either free-living or commensal organisms that help the host --Complex even though unicellular -cells are large --Macronucleus -Sort of like somatic nucleus --Micronucleus -Genetic nucleus that is responsible for passing on genetic material in reproduction --Asexual (Mitosis) Reproduction --Sexual Reproduction --Cilia are used for locomotion (9+2 structure) -also helps with food capture -more numerous than flagella --Oral Groove (mouth) --Anything that is not digested is released through the Anal Pore --Contractile vacuole
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Lecture 2 - Animal Diversity The 6 Kingdoms Kingdom...

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