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Lecture 9 - Lymph System—important part of circulating...

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A. Circulatory Systems 1. Circuits Blood Vessels: 3 Tissue Layers “tunica” Intima Media Adventitia Capillaries—just tunica intima --controlled by sphincters Human Heart Control of Vertebrate Heart Beat -autorhythmic -intercalated discs “intrinsic conduction system” SA Node (pacemaker)—autorhythmic cells in the system AV Node AV Bundle (Bundle of HIS) Bundle Branches Purkinje Fibers—deliver the depolarization to the contractile muscles in the heart
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Unformatted text preview: Lymph System—important part of circulating stuff throughout body Thoracic Duct Right Lymphatic Duct to Subclavian Veins Anatomy-lymph-capillaries + veins-lymph nodes-direction of lymph flow Organs:-thymus-spleen—white pulp (lymph tissue)--red pulp (spongy, vascularized tissue)-tonsils/adenoids-Peyer’s Patches Blood Hematocrit-45% cells-55% liquid Plasma:-92% water-7% proteins-1% salts & minerals...
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  • Fall '09
  • Tunica intima, node AV bundle, Intima Media Adventitia, Subclavian Veins Anatomy, Capillaries—just tunica intima

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