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Task Force Members

Task Force Members - Ward 6.5 Eli Katzenberg Executive...

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Ryan Mills Task Force Members The following citizens, elected officials, and employees of Grand Island are responsible for this report: Name Title Hours Spent Sven Larsen City Manager 10.5 Trina McCoy City Council, 2 nd Ward 4.0 Dwight Hanselm City Council, 3 rd
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Unformatted text preview: Ward 6.5 Eli Katzenberg Executive Director, Katz Computing Associates 5.5 Amelia Brown President, Grand Island Board of Education 8.0 Tom Fuerstenberg Vice President, Porter Communications 7.5 Total 42 Light Shading – Accent 5...
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  • Spring '10
  • Management occupations, Positions of authority, Eli Katzenberg Amelia, Sven Larsen Trina, Sven Larsen Trina McCoy Dwight Hanselm

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