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Unformatted text preview: MICROBIOLOGY 170 Spring 2010 Yeast Molecular Genetics Instructor Dr. Kaz Shiozaki 201 Briggs Hall e-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays 3-4PM at 201 Briggs Or by appointment Course web page accessible only through http://my.ucdavis.edu Handouts and lecture summaries are downloadable from the website after each lecture. Last year’s exam questions are also available. Various announcements related to the course will be posted as well. BIS 101 and BIS 102/105 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30-11:50 AM in 126 Wellman Lectures will tentatively follow the accompanying class schedule. Although the exams will focus on materials presented in lecture, some of the background can be found in the following textbook: Cooper/Hausman, The Cell - A molecular approach, 5th edition Looseleaf version: ISBN: 978-0-87893- 397-6 $74.95 (3-hole punched and shrink-wrapped) Casebound version: ISBN: 978-0-87893- 300-6 $124.95 eBook Option: ISBN 978-0-87893-356-3 $74.95 (Shrinkwrapped Card Stock envelopes with tear open subscription access code for 180days/6 month subscription) An older edition is on Reserve at Shields Library. Prerequisites Lectures Textbook Grades Exams/tests will focus on material discussed in lecture. Exams/tests will be given at the scheduled times only. No make-up exam/test will be allowed, for any reason. If you miss exam/test, your grade will be pro-rated based on the work submitted (however, a grade cannot be given if you miss the Final – UCD policy). Midterm (Lectures 1-9) Final (cumulative; mainly Lectures 11-18) Test 1 (Lectures 1-5) Test 2 (Lectures 11-16) Thr. April 29. Thr. June 3. Thr. April 15. Thr. May 20 35% 35% 15% 15% Total 100% Final grading will be based on score percentile: 90-100% 80-89 70-79 60-69 0-59 A B C D F There are only two ways to get extra credit: 1. One-minute reports: In-class short report during the guest lecture on May 4. (1%) You have to come to the class before 10:40AM to receive the credit. 2. Lab Math On-line quiz (open-book) at the course web site on basic calculations commonly used in biomedical laboratories. Five quizzes starting from April 14 to be completed by 5PM on Monday of the following week. The password to take these quizzes is “mic170”. 4/13-4/19 4/20-4/26 5/4-5/10 5/11-5/17 5/25-5/31 Deadline for each quiz will not be extended for ANY reason. You can take each quiz only once; 2% for correct answer (Up to 10% can be earned!) You will receive 1% “diligence point” even for incorrect answer. Answers will be explained in the class on the next day after each deadline, because similar questions will also appear in Midterm and Final exams. Lab Math “Iron Rules” You will earn points ONLY if: 1. you SAVE your answer and then SUBMIT it before the deadline; AND 2. you follow the answer format specified in the questions; AND 3. your computer does not crash during the quiz; AND 4. you avoid the MyUCDavis site maintenance scheduled around midnight during the weekend. Each of your Lab Math scores will be automatically recorded on the MyUCDavis grade book after the deadline, and I cannot make any changes to the recorded scores. You receive no points if you fail to meet ANY of the four requirements above. How to confirm the answers you have turned in: At the top of the MIC170 course web site, click the category "Quizzes" where you can see the list of online quizzes you have taken. Click the date/time you took the lab math to see your recorded answers. One-minute Report and Lab Math are NOT mandatory – You can score 100% and receive an A+ without extra credit. MIC170 LECTURE OUTLINE - Spring 2010 Lecture# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Date 3/30 (Tue) 4/1 (Thr) 4/6 (Tue) 4/8 (Thr) 4/13 (Tue) 4/15 (Thr) 4/20 (Tue) 4/22 (Thr) 4/27 (Tue) 4/29 (Thr) 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 5/4 (Tue) 5/6 (Thr) 5/11 (Tue) 5/13 (Thr) 5/18 (Tue) 5/20 (Thr) 5/25 (Tue) 5/27 (Thr) 6/1 (Tue) 6/3 (Thr) Topic Introduction/Overview Yeast cell (1) Yeast cell (2) Yeast life cycle (1) Yeast life cycle (2); Test 1; Yeast Cell Culture/Molecular Genetics (1) Yeast Molecular Genetics (2) Yeast Molecular Genetics (3) Yeast Molecular Genetics (4)/Review Session Midterm Exam (Lectures 1-9) Guest Lecture: Prof. Bo Liu (Plant Biology) “Biology of the filamentous fungi Aspergillus” Yeast Molecular Genetics (5) Gene expression in yeast Genomics Cell cycle regulation (1) Test 2; Cell cycle regulation (2) Cell cycle regulation (3) Cell signaling (1) Cell signaling (2)/Review session FINAL EXAM (Cumulative; mainly Lectures 11-18) __________________________________________________________________________________ ...
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