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Lecture 3: Fossil Record (database of many fossil) Review: * 1) How many species live today? We don't know for sure. => logical guess. diffe # species on latitude. elevation inc - better diversity. Inc annual precipitation. . more species. Tropical Rain forest-many species.-some hidden. (hard to find) Estimate: 5 Million. some says 30 million - bugs! live in canno layer.-Insects has biggest diversity. 2) How many species existed in the past & how many of them are know? Unknowable . Unlikely for fossil to get preserved. Much less than 5 million. (Data being compiled), No Insect Fossils. 1/2 20% of the species that ever existed. Extinct: 180.000 Extent: 150000 600 million yrs - species turnover, longevity => 99% species are extinct => 500 million.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Why is the fossi l record useful despite its completeness? yes we can still study a lot with 180,000 dinosaur-500 genola-few thousand species. speed, growth, feeding mechanism. .. etc. can be estimate w/ 180,000 4) How do we collect/ analyze fossils? a) Collection. (Excavation) b) Preparation: air chisels, color bnobsives, hand needles; acid preparation c) Study. (Measurement) callipers, CT scanner., 3 D scanner. 5) When did human recognize for what they are? Leonarda Do Vinci Conrad Gesner. Nichol outs steno. principle of superposition, Gorges Curvier-vertebrate Pate ontology. Ricaud Owen. William Buckland Charles lych, Charles Darwin....
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