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cp5601t6 - same time(b Discuss the effect of RED on network...

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CP5610 tutorial 6 (from textbook chapter 7) 53. Suppose that in a packet-by-packet weighted fair-queueing system, a packet with finish tag F enters service at time t. Is it possible for a packet to arrive at the system after time t and have a finish tag less than F? If yes, give an example. If no, explain why. 56. Queue management with random early detection (RED): (a) Explain why RED helps prevent TCP senders from detecting congestion and slowing down their transmission rates at the
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Unformatted text preview: same time. (b) Discuss the effect of RED on network throughput. (c) Discuss the implementation complexity of the RED algorithm. (d) Discuss what would happen if instantaneous queue length were used instead of average queue length. 59. Explain the difference between the leaky bucket traffic shaper and the token bucket traffic shaper....
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