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CP5610 tutorial 12 (from textbook chapter 11) 3. In authentication using secret key, consider the case where the transmitter is the intruder. (a) What happens if the transmitter initiates the challenge? (b) How secure is the system if the receiver changes the challenge value once every minute. (c) How secure is the system if the receiver selects the challenge value from a set of 128 choices? 4. Consider a system where a user is authenticated based on an ID and password that are supplied by the transmitter in
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Unformatted text preview: plaintext. Does it make any difference if the password and ID are encrypted? If yes, explain why? If no, how would you improve the system? 5. Compare the level of security provided by a server that stores a table of IDs and associated passwords as follows: (a) Name and password stored unencrypted. (b) Name and password stored in encrypted form. (c) Hash of name and password stored....
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