Africa - PS260 Introduction to Comparative Politics Take...

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PS260- Introduction to Comparative Politics – Take Home Exam 2 Important Directions and Guidelines which are used as a RUBRIC for grading— Write a 500-750 word essay response for one question from each group/country for a TOTAL of TWO ESSAYS . The essays should have a title , an introduction, middle and ending. Start typing each response under the question you choose to do. USE prompts from the essay question to make sure you ADDRESS ALL TASKS of the question. You will have to at minimum USE/incorporate and DEFINE THREE relevant concepts in your response for EACH essay you write. UNDERLINE each concept. Make sure where appropriate you give examples for each concept that we have discussed in class or in the text. These concepts should be the KEY CONCEPTS that you believe would be the most relevant for a student of comparative politics regarding the topics/issue/country you discuss. Cite your sources; e.g., (ICP 75) or (Russia Slide 3, Geography). Each essay should be around 500-750 words. Be specific in your responses and address the question directly to stay within the word limits. If you go over slightly that is O.K. At the end of each essay include the following honesty statement and word count (only count the words in your essay including the title NOT the Honesty Statement) and type/sign your name. This assignment (exam) represents my own work. I have not incorporated into this assignment (exam) any **unacknowledged** material from the work of another person (including other classmates), papers, words, ideas, information, computer code, data, evidence-organizing principles, or style of presentation taken from the Internet, books, periodicals, or other sources. Word Count ___609___ words ____Nghia Nguyen_____________ Signature (type your name) Date DEADLINE and DELIVERY- Due Friday, April 24, BEFORE 8:00 PM via the Assignment Link of Blackboard (or via email if that is not available). ANSWER ONE QUESTION ON SOUTH AFRICA AND ONE QUESTION ON RUSSIA!! South Africa A) Though the South African political system is similar to Britain’s Westminster system, there are some important differences. What are these differences, and how do they affect the way the political system functions? You must discuss the different branches of government and electoral system and contrast these with the British system and explain the ramifications of these differences. Identify key concepts in your response and type these in bold and DEFINE them. South African and Britain’s Westminster system At the overlook, we can say that democracy in South Africa is very similar to Britain’s Westminster system. Both have a parliamentary democracy and bicameral legislation with upper house and lower house. But in fact, there are some important differences between two countries. South Africa did take the same model of
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Africa - PS260 Introduction to Comparative Politics Take...

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