Interview paper - Nghia Nguyen Dr. Barbara Presnall, Women...

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Nghia Nguyen Dr. Barbara Presnall, Women and Leadership An interview report and essay on women in politic. To help me learn more about woman and politic, I had an interview with Mrs Cherry Edward on Monday 19 October 2009. We discussed the topic about Women and Education, as it was her life’s career and also relate to women issue. In this essay, I want to make my view about women in general, rather than women in power; to explain why do women and men have such a gap in some area of our society even now women has all the right and equal opportunity. Because to me, yes, we have some women who are prime minister, president, but the proportion is too small to make a good study, even thou it is worth to notice. My interview person, in my own opinion, has an average-high ambition but also very much “womanish” in our term. This makes her a perfect person that I want to interview because her thinking and opinion will closer to general women but also explains why she has given up her ambitions. Interview: Mrs Edwards is a primary school principle; she has held this job for almost thirty years at five different primary schools. She started as a primary school teacher and moved up gradually, from a small school to an average school, and now is one of the biggest primary schools in the Lincolnshire with 620 pupils. In fact, in six biggest primary schools in Lincolnshire, she is the only female. She loves her job and children, as it was the only thing that motivates her in her career. She is, indeed, a very nice person. She is patient and friendly; she speaks clear and loud, makes it very
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easy for me to capture her answers. Even thou some of my questions seems to be so
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Interview paper - Nghia Nguyen Dr. Barbara Presnall, Women...

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