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NghiaNguyenMexico Reading Analysis - Mexico Reading...

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Mexico Reading Analysis Go to the Course Documents section and choose ONE of the readings on Mexico. They are grouped chronologically and topically-- the first covers the decline of PRI, the second group of two articles discusses the effects of the Fox administration, the last two are about the 2006 elections. Again CHOOSE ONE and read it carefully taking notes. Then open the attached file herein and type your answer below the instructions on the document. You will write an essay that accomplishes the following— ESSAY TASKS FIRST) provide a VERY brief summary of the KEY POINTS the author raises. This should comprise less than 25% of your total assignment response SECOND) Identify AND define at minimum TWO concepts from our course that the author discusses and explain how the concept is used in the article FINALLY) compare and contrast the article's assumptions and or conclusions to our text/ lecture. What does the article confirm? What does it refute? EXPLAIN. This should be the bulk of the analysis and may include references to other concepts and theories. At the bottom of your analysis include the following excerpt: This assignment (exam) represents my own work. I have not incorporated into this assignment (exam) any **unacknowledged** material from the work of another person (including other classmates), papers, words, ideas, information, computer code, data, evidence-organizing principles, or style of presentation taken from the Internet, books, periodicals, or other sources. Word Count __715__ words
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NghiaNguyenMexico Reading Analysis - Mexico Reading...

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