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Third Way essay - Nghia Nguyen In many ways the Third Way...

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Nghia Nguyen In many ways, the Third Way has proved inappropriate and unsuitable for Britain. Discuss. Along with the winning election in 1997, Labour claimed that:” In each area of policy a new and distinctive approach has been mapped out, one that differs from the old left and the Conservative right. This is why new Labour is new” (Manifesto 1997). Therefore, New Labour had adopted what called The Third Way, a centralist political ideology that seeks a middle ground between capitalism and socialism. Tony Blair had argued the third way has an adequate social theory to advance traditional Central-Left values and its account of the changing circumstances of the modern world is plausible. 1 New Labour believed that it could promote economic progress as well as social justice, a strong community which would provide equal opportunities for all . Its objectives are: raising living standards for all, expanding higher education, full employment, healthier nation, along with better welfare and no poverty (Manifesto 2001). However, things turned out otherwise. Many Third Way policies have failed or proved inefficient. On January 2009, Britain officially entered recession. According to BBC, British economy shrank at the fastest pace for nearly 30 years in the fourth quarter. Throughout three election terms in office, New Labour has fallen far behind its goals. In social policy, many programs such as welfare to work, tax credit, New Deal, train to gain, etc were created to help people get jobs and avoid poverty. Government spending has increased significantly but unemployment and poverty rate are still high. Some education issues remain unsolved, and in the world rankings, English children are sliding down the scale. A mixed economy system was introduced, such as quasi-markets, public private partnerships, private finance initiatives etc. However, the government ran into financial problem, the New Labour 1
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Nghia Nguyen itself was £17 million in debt; total national debt was £618.8 billion by the end of 2008 and the economic growth rate had decreased greatly. In Foreign Policy, New Labour promised to ‘give Britain the leadership in Europe which Britain and Europe need’ (Manifesto 1997). Unfortunately, the Britain of today still struggles its position in the EU while trying to back to US in the Middle East and the war on terrorism. Many Labour supporters remain unhappy with the Labour government's policies regarding Iraq. The Iraq War was strongly opposed in most western countries. In many ways, the Third Way has proved inappropriate and unsuitable in Britain.
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