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Nghia 1 Nghia Nguyen Mrs. Debra Hays HIS 120- 8:00 MWF December 1, 2008 Book report De Luca, Anthony R. Personality, power, and politics: observations on the historical significance of Napoleon, Bismark, Lenin, and Hitler. Cambridge, Mass.: Schenkman Pub. Co. , c1983; (133 pages). Anthony R. De Luca is Professor of History at Emerson College; he is also a modern history writer. He had wrote many books about the modern history and politics. Such as, Politics, Diplomacy, and the Media : Gorbachev's Legacy in the West ; Great Power Rivalry at the Turkish Straits : The Montreux Conference and Convention . The books called Personality, power, and politics was published in 1983, which wrote about the four greatest leader of modern European history. Recently, he wrote the book called Gandhi, Mao, Mandela, and Gorbachev : Studies in Personality, Power, and Politics . The book does not simply tell the history, but to help audiences answer many political questions by studying about four individuals whose ideologies still have a great impact in our society of all time. The author presents four individuals one by one, along the time line. He first starts with Napoleon and the French Revolution. He spends few pages to describe the history context at that time, which is the struggle of the Third Estate and National Assembly with First and Second Estate. Then Napoleon appeared as a star to solve all the France problems at the time. Napoleon was born in an educated family; he always tried hard to achieve his goal as his perform was excellent in school and college. Two interesting about the early time of Napoleon were his Corsican background, like the author said:”followed him wherever he went.” (page 7)
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Nghia 2 and his first love with the attractive and gracious Josephine de Beauharnais , who was six years older than Napoleon. By working hard and smart, gradually Napoleon achieved his goal and became the Emperor as he crowed himself which took place in Notre Dame. Napoleon’s
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Computer - Nghia 1 Nghia Nguyen Mrs Debra Hays HIS 120 8:00...

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