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Technology of communication - Nghia 1 Nghia Nguyen Mrs...

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Nghia 1 Nghia Nguyen Mrs. Debra Hays ENG 100-014 December 5, 2008 Communication tool or dead communication tool Many people ask me if I miss home a lot, I would say:”yaah, but it’s not really so.” Technologies in many ways help my life goes easier, as I could be able to contact with anyone back home or from anywhere at any time. But a strange thought come across my mind: Did technologies take away my desire to “be home”? In my opinion, technologies open us a new door; but once we step over that door, some other doors would close behind us. At night, I go to bed no earlier than twelve; in the morning, I wake up no earlier than seven. I usually feel tired and sleepy during the day. I often take long nap at late noon. I have been like that since I started using the internet. There are so many things I can do with it, that I couldn’t stop myself and go to bed early. And I don’t know since when my habits have changed, that I don’t feel sleepy at night but at the day time. Besides that, I also was affected a lot by new technology in many aspects. I still remember, when I was in elemental school, I got over ten greeting cards every Christmas event. Some of them were handmade; most of them had special unique greeting sentences (some greetings still in my memory till now); and all of them were hand writing. Today, such a thing becomes a luxury thing to have for me, even I have much more friends. For me, E-cards are good enough, usually from a very close friend; greeting emails are acceptable - at least they spend some time to think about me - but instant message as a greeting is unacceptable. Because I have so many people in my instant message list, around two hundreds, I usually get a lot of greetings. And this is what I really don’t like, the greeting is sent to many people at once. Whoever sends that greeting may don’t even know or on purpose that I
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Nghia 2 get that greeting, the worse thing is that greeting was copied somewhere (sometime I got many greeting from different people but exactly the same sentences, same words). Sure technologies help us communicate to each other easier, but when we overuse the technologies, we just cannot go back to our old way. Nowadays, who would want to spend whole day long in the
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Technology of communication - Nghia 1 Nghia Nguyen Mrs...

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