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Unformatted text preview: French Revolution & Napoleon French are better than any other country, Paris was center of that time, France has biggest middle class. Problems of French during old Regime: confusion in govt, DRM didnt work in France, Louis 15-16 were weak, local govt was confuse. France had no budget, farming out taxs but France has the wealthiest middle class. Eventually led to France bankrupt, became estates general, death warrant of DRM. French revolution Estates general & the Natl Assembly: cahiers, members of community that are supposed to find probs & take them toassembly, a. privileged orders have to pay taxes, b. France must have a written constitution. But Louis said you must be here to talk about only finance. They vote by orders with clergy 300, nobility 300 and commoners 600. Third estate is upset and claim for everyone should cast one vote, june 1789 commomner claims to be natl assembly of France. Louis tried to flatten the 3 rd estate, blocked them from meeting hall, but they went to tennis court and took tennis court oath in june 20, wont disband until France has constitution, Louis...
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