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Nat’l convention Only mates could vote, fraction of ppl voted in election, b/c ppl are afraid of mobs. Radicals cast votes, elect radical convention. Girondins on right; mountain on left, most radical of all; in middle-plain, goes toward mtn, noi deas of own. Problem of Nat’l convention: a. what to do w/ king, kill royal family, France is declared a republic now. B) foreign policy-war. Battle of valmy, beginning of total war, 5 coalitions against French, mobilizes entire nation for war. a.Reign of Terror (1793-1794 ): French have 2 enemies: foreigners, domestic enemies at home; great power given to committee of public safety. . Robspierre – dominates; go and arrested ppl who are enemies of state; jails become full, create tribunals-> trials w/ 3 ppl; many put to death, not arrested if not doing sth, 40-50,000 died, majority were at bottom of society. b.Reform legislation: economic, tried tofight inflation, put ceiling prices on food; equal rights for women including property rights; metric system. c.Therimidorian reachtion: ppl in Nat’l convention accused of being enemy of state; decide they need to stop
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