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Unformatted text preview: Congress of Vienna : all great power meet-> aristocracy and noblemen of Europe. Austria dominates this congress b/c of Metternich: responsible for what went on; also Prussia, Russia,Britain & France;sign 2 nd treatyof Paris: France restore stolen art treasures, payan indemnity, will be occupied until full paid. Decision based on3 principles: 1.legitimacy, line of kings before war put back on throne after war; 2.compensation, when redrawing borders, if one lose land in one area will gain it back else wh. 3. Security, try to build a wall to stop France in future, create congress system; great power wont allow any change in Europe Europe after Vienna: France-Louis 18 th Reactionaries vs. French Liberals-Charles 10 th-Paris revolted-Lafayette-Louis Philippe. Germany want united Germany and middle class govt-freedom speech, relgion, due process of law, hold demonstrations set bookon fire. Metterick crushed movement. The collapseof the congress system: 1. British foreign policy, they refused to restore and helped colonies, they could dominate small democracies and some revolution are good for Britain. 2.Greek revolt(1821) led by Ypsilanti, becomes big hero, Metternick support democracies and some revolution are good for Britain....
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