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Reading Log 7 - crime standards of morality and racism in...

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Bass 1 Stephanie Bass English 102 Rene Fleischbein March 3, 2008 Reading Log 5: First Response to “Audience Response to Religious Fear Appeals” “Audience Response to Religious Fear Appeals” was a very interesting piece of text. The fact that the writers summarize so well leads to the reader being able to understand everything that is going on. All of the summarization in this text helped me better understand what the study was doing. The writers did not have a bunch of mumbo jumbo in the lines that no one was going to pay attention to, instead they got right to the point and told the reader exactly what they needed to know. For example, this study used two messages that were listened to by the people being surveyed. These messages were not explained very well until the reader reached this part of the text, “The topic for the religious messages in this study was social problems rather that theological issues. The messages pointed out the unrest and disorder caused by
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Unformatted text preview: crime, standards of morality, and racism in America, then proposed that a return to Christian principles and an increased dependence upon God would help to alleviate these social ills.” This text was put together like a lab report. Its sections were labeled and each section had a purpose. This helped me because if I know what I am supposed to get from the text I will try to find it. This text used language that was familiar to everyone and it did not have too many big, scientific words that a lot of people, including myself, would understand. The way the writers prove their point without saying “this is the point” is exemplified throughout the text in every labeled subsection. They use the different sections to explain their point more and help the reader to understand....
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