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Reading Log 11 - whole point of writing is to help people...

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Bass 1 Stephanie Bass English 102 Rene Fleischbein March 3, 2008 Reading Log 5: Second Response to “Audience Response to Religious Fear Appeals” After reading this text twice, I now understand the techniques used even more. The way the authors composed the information in a lab report form was very helpful because all of the information was conveniently in one spot. If I had a question about the study, I knew exactly where to go because the subsections were labeled as to what they contained. For example, if I needed to know what the two messages that the people being surveyed listened to then I would go to the subsection that contained that information. The way the information is given to the reader is very helpful. If a reader can understand what is being said, they will follow the text better. The way the authors get their point across is not very unique, but it is very helpful and the
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Unformatted text preview: whole point of writing is to help people understand something. Summarization is the best technique used in this text because when one is writing about something that not a lot of people are familiar with, one has to explain everything. The fact that the authors summarized the study so well is the reason I was able to understand it so well. One example of how well everything was summarized is exemplified in the very first sentence of the text, “This study investigated the effects of religious beliefs, social conservatism, self acceptance, sex of the listener, and level of fear appeal on an audience’s subjective evaluation of and information retention from a religious speech or sermon.” It gets right to the point and the reader does not have to guess what the article is about. Bass 2...
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Reading Log 11 - whole point of writing is to help people...

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