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Reading Log 8 - got right to the point and just explained...

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Bass 1 Stephanie Bass English 102 Rene Fleischbein March 20, 2008 Reading Log 8: Second Response to The Nature of Horror After reading The Nature of Horror again, I noticed much more details and many more techniques used in this text. One of the most used techniques in the text is defining key terms. The author defined many key terms that I would not have understood otherwise. The fact that the author defined so many things, helps the reader understand what they are trying to convey. The author also explained everything in the text so well that almost anyone could understand it, like in these couple of sentences, “… one way of answering this is by means of an Illusion Theory: When people see Dracula onscreen, they literally believe he is before them attacking virgins or turning into a bat.” (56) This part of the text is very easy to understand because the author did not put mumbo jumbo in the lines of text, but instead he
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Unformatted text preview: got right to the point and just explained everything right up front. The Nature of Horror uses techniques that are easy enough for everyone to understand. The easiness of this text gives it so much more meaning because now many more people can read it and actually understand it. I am one of the people who love horror movies, sometimes. It depends on what type of horror movie it is if I want to watch it or not. Fictional horror is just too fictional sometimes. Some of the stories now are too fake and it is just ridiculous to believe anything like that could ever happen. But, other horror movies are based on true stories and those are the kind that tends to scare me the most because they could really happen. Sometimes I start to think about what if something like that really happened, but then I remember that it is just a movie. Bass 2...
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Reading Log 8 - got right to the point and just explained...

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