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ECSE 421 Assignment 2 1)How much more memory could you store using MRAM versus SRAM per unit space? 2)An electron of mass 0.5 MeV/c 2 in a semiconductor is affected naturally by an electric potential V of 10 MeV due to an external field across a transistor gate. If its total energy E is only dependent on V and its momentum p, what is its total energy if p = 20 MeV/c? 3)If a valence band electron jumps to the conduction band, what are the 4 possible sources of energy that could have been introduced to the electron to allow it to do this?
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Unformatted text preview: 4)Youre interested in a new technology microchip that needs to be as fast as possible. What kind of transistor would you use? Why? (Note that MRAM and NRAM are a kind of memory, not transistor.) 5)You want to build a microchip with a well-established technology that is relatively fast with low power dissipation and with low noise associated with it. What kind of transistor would you use?...
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